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Thursday, August 4, 2011


Love this quote (in reference to the clothes at the Bettie Page store at the MOA):  “We get asked every day: Where would I wear this? Wear it to the grocery store; wear it to an event; have your husband take you on a date. Just wear it! People are so nervous about it. You don’t need an excuse to be pretty and wear beautiful clothes. It’s kind of sad when women feel like they need a reason to look nice.”   from this interview: Fashion Pin Up Girl.

The girl in the story is a pin up model for the Bettie Page Store and she recently relocated to Minneapolis where her boyfriend is in a local rockabilly band.  Isn't she lovely?

That quote got me thinking - do you ever feel weird leaving the house "dressed up" - what is dressed up to you? To some people its anything other than sweats (I personally would not be caught dead in public in work out pants unless I'm heading to the gym).  The older I get the less I give a shit what people think, haha, so if I want to wear red lipstick to the grocery store, I do!  If I want to wear a 60's style Mad Men dress to a picnic, I do! (And I did).   Yet another reason I wish I lived in another era - once upon a time women dressed in all their finery to go to the grocery store (granted it was probably the one time they left the house for the day, haha).  I'm often perplexed when people say to me "Why are you so dressed up??" and I am thinking "I'm wearing a maxi dress - this is soooo not dressed up."  Or I'm wearing jeans and a satin top - apparently if you wear satin you're automatically dressed up?   Next time you want to ask someone why they're so dressed up, ask yourself why you aren't.  ;-)

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