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Saturday, August 13, 2011


Sweet Saturday:

I'm about to talk about sin.  Sin on a plate.  What I'm about to show you is in no way good for you.  AT ALL - do you hear me?  But, OMG is it good.  How can this NOT be sinful?

Yes, that is a stick of butter and 32 caramels and sweetened condensed milk.  Sin.

And it makes this beautiful baby:

Yes, that is a pile of chocolate chips, another pile of Heath bar and ANOTHER pile of vanilla chips.  Sin! - I wasn't lying!

Mixy mixy (there's yellow cake mix, eggs and oil in there too).  Mixing this will give you a good arm work out.

That piece was way too big.  These suckers are RICH.  And I am not EVEN going to figure out the calorie count - I'm pretty sure its around 4 billion.   

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  1. oh my gosh! This looks amaaaazing! Totally worth the 4 billion calories! :)