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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Things I'm Loving...

1.  Dorothy Perkins - OMG I love the dresses on this site... and they have pretty good sales quite often.  Love love love.

2.  The Broken Plow - this website was put together by Cassie over at http://backtoherroots.com/ - she and her hubby Craig just bought her childhood home and they're in the process of redoing it to make it their own.  Its fun seeing their DIY projects.  I especially love the gray they just painted their bedroom. If Lucas and I end up staying in this house (which is looking more likely) I want to repaint and I'm thinking gray for the living room (because it goes with my red couch) - paint is cheaper than a new couch. :)

3.  My favorite new shower cleaner - I'm a nerd I know but this stuff works!  You mix 1 cup of warmed up white vinegar with about 1/2 cup of Dawn soap (the blue kind) - shake it up in a squirt bottle and go to town.  It made my shower sparkle!   Thank you Pinterest.

4.  My talented husband being part of this awesome show - http://guerillabydesign.blogspot.com/2012/07/blog-post.html?spref=fb - hope you can all make it by to see it!

5.  92 days until Halloween - I even found a sweet costume.  Now I need somewhere to wear it.....

What are you loving?

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