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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Funday

Lucas took the day off from working on his projects so we went shopping!

Actually wait - rewind.  Let's talk about how my morning started at 630 am.....  meet the Killer Queen Vinci:

Remember those baby bunnies I told you about a couple weeks ago?  Well he got one.  I looking outside this morning after I fed them and he had it in his mouth - I ran upstairs to wake up Lucas because I don't do dead, semi dead or almost dead animals.  Lucas to the rescue.  Luckily hounds have the intuition to just shake the thing to break its neck so it didn't suffer.  Poor sweet baby bunny.  

Back to regular programming.  We started out with breakfast at The Lowry with Julie.  I had the strawberry french toast.  Yum!  I could only eat about half because it was filling and rich.  Lucas finished off the other half.

We hit up three vintage shops in Minneapolis - B-Squad Vintage, Blacklist Vintage and The Corner Store.   We had luck at The Corner Store.  

First of all - if I had a 24 inch waist (which will never happen unless I have ribs or organs removed) this would have been going to Vegas with me - it was a velvet pantsuit with a bejeweled belt in the front. OMG.  

Instead I found a 2 piece lurex suit from the 60's.  This will definitely be going to Vegas with me.  I just need bigger hair and I'm set.

And not to leave Lucas out - he found this vintage Kamehameha shirt.   It will be great for the Vegas pool party.  

And lastly a picture of Chuck because she's cute and really tiny.  :-)

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!  As soon as Lucas is finished mowing we're going to have salads and burgers on the grill for dinner.

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