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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


So I miscounted my number a while back so if you take the time to go back through all my posts the number order is off, lol - and I'm not about to go back and edit them all.  :-)   But today *is* #360.  5 days left. I've been asked if I will keep blogging - I think so.  Probably not daily.  But I'll continue to share recipes, blogs, websites, make up stuff, outfits, etc.

In the meantime if you can think of something for me to blog about these last 5 days, feel free to ask!

Things Coming up in early 2012 to blog about include:

Ice Shanty's on Medicine Lake
Art Sled Rally
Winter Carnival maybe (I've never been!)
My Faboosh 30th Birthday Party
A trip to Colorado in there somewhere
More restaurants to try!

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  1. What is this ART Sled RAlly you speak of? I'm intrigued ;)