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Friday, December 2, 2011


Five Question Friday!

This edition of five question Friday is brought to you by my friends.  I asked on Facebook today if anyone had questions for me and I'd blog about them.  :)

So here we go:

1.  Favorite type of cuisine and why. 
Hmmmmm.... this is tough.  I kind of want to say "American" because we are a melting pot and have EVERYTHING lol.  Even our version of "Italian" or "Mexican" food is Americanized.  And I've never had totally authentic versions of any type of cuisine to comment on anyway, so I'm going with American cuisine - boring I know. 

2.  Favorite thing to cook.
Anything in a crock pot.  :)

3.  Liquor of choice.
When I first started my drinking career I favored fruity things like Daquiris, Sex on the Beach, or Lava Flows (I turned 21 in Maui, mkay).  What's the common denominator?  RUM, light rum to be exact.  I also didn't like beer - probably because I grew up where the only beer anyone ever drank was Busch Light or Coors Light.  Gag me.  Now as I've gotten older I like good beer.  I enjoy Stella and Blue moon.  I like Reisling wine.  And I've switched to vodka - Betty Draper turned me onto Vodka Gimlets.   As you can tell I prefer white liquor and white wine.  :)  My husband prefers brown liquor (whiskey) and red wine.   

4.  Top 10 places you'd like to visit.
In no particular order:
1.  Australia.   
2.  Spain.
3.  Italy.
4.  Japan.
5.  Canada.
6.  England.
7. Scotland.
8. Ireland.
9. Egypt.
10.  Tie between France and Greece.

5.  What is the biggest change you've made during your weight loss?
The quaLity and quanTity of what I eat.  At first it was the quantity.  I ate around 1200 calories a day.  But they weren't the BEST calories - mostly Lean Cuisines and Smart Ones for lunch which I know now are not that great for you.  But I lost the first 40 lbs or so doing that.  Then I watched the movie "Food, Inc." and after picking my jaw off the floor I started eating way less processed foods.  More organic.  Local if possible.  And then the next 40 lbs came off.  I was eating more calories but I was eating real, good, whole, fresh foods.  I didn't exercise that much in the beginning (mostly because I started in January) - I did Pilates a couple times a week from an instant video on Netflix.  Once the weather improved in the spring I started walking and eventually joined the gym.  I quit the gym in the winter because I couldn't drag myself from my nice warm house into the cold dark winter air and to the gym.  Thus I got my elliptical.  I definitely think weight loss is 70-80% nutrition and the rest exercise.  Now that I've been maintaining my weight and have less to lose I definitely have to exercise more in order to eat what I want.  But that's ok. Its a lifestyle now.  

Thanks for the questions guys!  Feel free to send me more and I'll answer them in another blog!

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