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Saturday, December 3, 2011


Its snooowing....

This is my winter version of my Mad Men dress.  I think I like it.   Its amazing what black tights and a cardigan can do. 

We went to Bradstreet Crafthouse for Supper Club tonight.  It was interesting.  Its a dark, loungy place in the Graves Hotel downtown.  It was a little expensive - $12 for all the drinks (in fact the drinks cost more than the food) but it was a good experience.  The food consists of small sandwiches - and I don't mean a fish sandwich - these are really GOOD sandwiches made of interesting ingredients.  They use top shelf liquor, make their own ice, bitters, juices, etc.  They are pretty well known "mixologists".  Sorry no pics - as I said - it was dark.  :)

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