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Monday, November 21, 2011


If you are a parent please make sure your kid isn't being bullied OR doing the bullying.  One of my cousins is being bullied.  While I'd like to go smack the bully in the back of the head, I would be better off smacking his parents in the back of his head.  Probably another reason I shouldn't/don't want to have children.  Bullying has become an epidemic as of late it seems - unfortunately to the extreme of some kids committing suicide.....  We didn't have NEAR the amount of bullying when I was in school.   Did some kids call me names in school?  Yeah, they were kids.  Would those kids (who are now my friends on Facebook) remember calling me names in school?  Doubt it.  In fact, I can guarantee you they wouldn't remember it or what they said - however I can remember who said it and what they said.  That never leaves a person.   But I never remember anyone getting physically bullied or extremely emotionally bullied in school.  Technology has only added to bullying - kids like to "bully" via Facebook now - back in my day if you wanted to bully someone it was generally face to face.  Its unfortunate the world is coming to this.  I blame it not only on parents (because let's be real - parenting overall has gone down the toilet too) but even some on teachers.  I mean no offense to the people in my life who are teachers and parents.  You both have two of the toughest jobs in the world and I respect it and you, but unfortunately some of the bad teachers and parents are ruining it for everyone - those select few have kids and pass on their bad values and those bad values get passed on...    Back in my day teachers and parents didn't put up with the shit they have to put up with today - now thanks to "society" discipline has taken a much different meaning.  God forbid you discipline a child.... and it doesn't even have to be a swat on the butt.  It could be taking away their TV, video games, etc.  Get creative people.

Ok off my soapbox - my point was... if you ever hear or see a kid getting bullied DO SOMETHING.

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