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Thursday, November 17, 2011


Let's talk Thanksgiving dinner.  Do you guys go super traditional or are you willing to try new things?  I just had a conversation with my mom who stated she didn't know what to bring to Thanksgiving yet.  I suggested she make the new sweet potato (covered in marshmallows, mind you!) dish I sent her a couple weeks back.  She said "But I'm not sure if people would like it." - WHO CARES I SAY?  I'm down with the usual turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, blah blah blah, but how about some new stuff?  We aren't going to know we don't like it if we don't try it.  And I'm not at all concerned about there being enough food.  Anyone who knows anything about my family knows we NEVER run out of food.   I'm making pie - and guess what?  There is no pumpkin or fruit of any kind in it!  Take that Thanksgiving traditionalists. :)

I challenge my family to bring something new to Thanksgiving this year.   In fact, I dare you.  :-)

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