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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


So you guys probably notice that Lucas and I go out to try new restaurants quite a bit.  This is thanks to my friend Julie - she decided to start "Supper Club" - starting on her 49th birthday she wanted to visit 50 restaurants before her 50th birthday.   We've been lucky enough to tag along for 17 of those.  I feel so fortunate to have been able to experience 17 new places and food I would never have otherwise tried.  She has 5 left for the year and I'm sure we'll join in on a few of those potentially putting our total up around 20.  And I've been able to maintain my weight loss, lol.  Bonus!

My top restaurants (in no particular order):

Tilia - Just Julie and I went to Tilia, located in Linden Hills - Lucas has already been there - he helped build the booths in the joint thus he got a few free lunches.  :)  They have an amazing LOCAL beer selection and I've never heard a bad word about the place.  Even from the people who have to wait a couple hours for a table.   I had the fish taco torta here - it was pretty much amazing.

Duplex - cute little place in Uptown in literally, a duplex, converted to a restaurant.   I loved the cocktail I had here - it was purple!  :)

NE Social Club - located in, you guessed it, NE Minneapolis.  I had mushroom risotto with sweet baby chicken here.  There are no words.  Yum, Yum, Yummity, Yum.

Bachelor Farmer - located in the Warehouse District of Minneapolis - our most recent Supper Club.  This place was soooooo amazing - my husband had venison and LIKED it for the love of the land.  I won't go over details because I just wrote a blog about it a few days ago, but even though I said "no particular order" I would put Tilia and Bachelor Farmer in my top 2.  :)

If you live in Minneapolis, do yourself a favor - go eat GOOD FOOD.  Is it cheap - hell to the no.  But I have no issue spending money on good food.

And thank you Julie for encouraging us to experience food, not just eat it. 

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