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Friday, June 15, 2012

You Put the Lime in the Coconut....

Let's talk about coconut oil.  I love it.  Love.  Love.  Love.  What started my love affair?

I came across this website on Pinterest:

http://www.deliciousobsessions.com/2012/01/52-uses-for-coconut-oil-the-simple-the-strange-and-the-downright-odd/ and http://www.deliciousobsessions.com/2012/05/122-uses-for-coconut-oil-even-more-of-the-simple-the-strange-and-the-downright-odd/

After reading that I picked this up at Trader Joe's:

Out of all those uses I've only used it for a few things - I put it in my hair at night, I put it on my skin and I put it on my knee after I skinned it up after an unfortunate incident with a curb and heels.  Hehe.  So my experience so far - my hair is super shiny and getting healthier.  My skin has been clearer than ever - if I start getting a zit I put some oil on it and it goes away super fast.  I've even put the oil on my arms, legs, etc as if it were lotion.  I only put it in my hair (wet or dry) and on my skin before bed as it can be a little greasy.   I noticed after putting it on my wound that it healed really fast.  I still have a scar but I'm sure that's going to take time to clear up.   It has a pretty faint smell.  Although right after I put it on Lucas says I smell like a macaroon or a pastry haha.  The scent tends to fade after its been on a bit though.  

Coconut oil is solid at room temperature (as seen above).  Its been nice now that its hot - it keeps it always a little soft and even soupy if its really hot which helps when applying it.  

I haven't cooked with coconut oil yet - probably because the jar is in the bathroom.  :)  I'll have to get another for the kitchen.  

I threw out all my creams and potions that cost lots of money (and contain lots of chemicals).  Coconut oil is $6 for a good sized jar at Trader Joe's and its natural and organic.  Sounds like a winner to me!  Have you guys used coconut oil?  What did you think?

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