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Sunday, June 10, 2012

The circus is here! The circus is here!

Our 5th murder mystery party was a success!  The theme this year "Murder Under the Big Top" - a 1930's circus party.  We had quite a few new people attending.  Here are a few pics - I'll post prettier ones (aka pictures taken by Julie) later in the week.  But here' s a taste!

Free Admission to those who Dream.....

Circus food.....

Welcome to the Big Top!

Lucas and I were the owners, Mr. and Mrs. Hargrove.

Boomer Jackson the Ringmaster and Casey Saber the Sword Swallower

The victim! Ariel Swinger, stabbed in the back!

Who did it?  Was it Twisty Kritsty?

Or the knife thrower Nick Dagger?  She was stabbed in the back after all.....

Nope, in the end it was the clown.... never trust a clown (or the lady with the beard)!

More pics posted on Facebook and later in the week! Thank you to all of our friends!

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