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Thursday, June 28, 2012

What next??

I don't write 'downer' blogs and this isn't meant to be one - its more like a WTF blog?  LOL.

1. I mailed in my LAST car payment.  I will be $336.36 richer each month now.... and then my head gasket went out on my car.... really?

2.  I go outside to wrangle dogs in.  I yell and they don't come - not unusual.  I grab the treat bag and they still don't come - unusual especially for fatty Vinci who loves treats.   I look around I can't find them......panic...  they are wayyyyyyyyy over in the corner by the fence digging... for what you ask?  There is a nest of baby BUNNIES!  For F sake..... now Lucas is trying to figure out a way to 1. save the bunnies and 2. keep my dogs from digging a hole under the fence.

3. Full moon Tuesday and we are feeling it full force at work!

How's your week going?  :-)

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