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Sunday, June 10, 2012

The circus continues

More pics of the party from my incredibly talented friend Julie!

I loved their costumes! Paul won best costume and his wife Emily was actually wearing a 50's majorette leotard.  Love, love!

Back of my dress.  Can you say no bra?  

The bearded lady and the acrobat.

Garrett and Luci - Luci's dress was also 30's vintage and Garrett made his own knives.  They have both done some professional acting too!

Ly wearing all three of my crinolines.  :)

Can you imagine being my neighbor and seeing this??

Garrett and his knife

Love this picture - Meredith made a great skinny woman - the tights made the costume.

The killer clown showcasing his skills.

The fortune teller (and photographer) Julie.

Emily's lovely necklace - this played a part in her eventual demise.


The ringmaster presents the almost naked guy and his whip.  Again - what do my neighbors think?  LOL

Ly and I

Great pic Julie took.  

Wheelin' and dealin' going on here -

Lisa chatting with Lucas - her character had a bum ankle... someone cut the tightrope during her act causing her to have a "tragic accident".

Thank you again to Julie for her amazing photography! Thank you to Lucas for helping me set up and clean up the party (and spend the money on it lol) and thank you again to all of our friends (old and new!) for being awesome!

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