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Friday, May 18, 2012


I've read other bloggers who do a "Confessions" blog once in awhile and they usually crack me up, create great conversation and/or give me some great ideas.  So here ya go:

1.  I never separate my laundry when I wash clothes.  Mom - if you're reading this I'm sorry I never picked up on your stellar laundry skills.

2.  Speaking of laundry - my laundry never smells as good as Mom's.  True story.

3.  I don't iron.  I hate it.  Lucas does it.  Granted we don't have to iron often - its mostly my vintage/retro dresses he irons.  I heart him.

4.  I use to be a huge college basketball fan in the early/mid 90's.  My dad and I use to fill out our brackets every March.  Go Duke!

5.  Today we were at a block party sort of thing - there was a basset hound howling and a child screaming (not screaming like mad/hurt screaming - screaming like to make noise screaming).  The owner was hushing the dog and the parent was ignoring the child.  I would rather have heard the dog howl all night long than that child scream for 20 more seconds.  Am I going to hell for that?  :-)

Happy Weekend kids!!


Julie totally snuck a picture of us with local celebrity Scott Seekins at the party earlier!  Mwhahaha!!

Don't worry - Lucas isn't crabby - he just didn't know what Julie and I were up to.  ;-)  Oh hey Scott Seekins!

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