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Monday, January 30, 2012

Red Carpet Review

The Screen Actors Guild Awards were on last night.  I didn't watch them nor do I know who won but I kept up on the red carpet.   *Photos courtesy of people.com*

My girl crush Emma Stone.  Love love love love this.  You can't tell here but the clutch mimics the bodice.  Love the shoes.  Love it.  This is what I have in mind for my birthday party dress.   If you'd like to dial up the designers at Alexander McQueen and get me one, that'd be great.  K'Thanks.

I love this color (saw it a few times last night).  Good cut on her athletic build.  The hair is eh.

Bravo for wearing something different.

Love Ashlee's dress - its very 20's/30's which is totally suitable since she was there supporting her boyfriend who is in Boardwalk Empire.

Kelly!  You got it right this time!  Even if your hair is still gray.  I'm looking at the dress.  Loved it.

I'm on the fence about this one - I think its the hem...  I don't love the hem...

Now who I didn't love....

Too 90's - hate the shoes.

Pretty but too bridal.   Love the earrings.

Too much like a garbage bag...

Does nothing for her figure.. makes her look wider than she is even.  Most of the SNL alum girls (Maya, Kristen Wiig and Tina Fey) need a stylist.... 

Who was your best and worst dressed?

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  1. I definitely have to go with MY girl crush Emma Stone. She is so beautiful and classy!