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Saturday, January 21, 2012

The MIA and a Bad Waitress

We took Lucas' niece Brianna to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts today.  Here she is by her favorite piece of art:

This piece was super cool.  Its a painting.  A PAINTING.

African tribal masks/costumes.

We followed the MIA up with lunch at The Bad Waitress.   Our superhero was "Hawkeye". :)

I had a really good Basil Tomato wrap with avocado, veggies, and red pepper aioli sauce.  Yummo!

Lucas' giant pancake.  Brianna couldn't decide if she wanted a pancake or French Toast.  She went with the French Toast but shared some of the pancake.   She said its certainly not your usual restaurant pancake.  :-)  Nope!  If you haven't been to the Bad Waitress, go for breakfast (which they serve all day).

And finally my outfit of the day - Lucas said I looked hipster so I guess that's fitting for Uptown.

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  1. All you need are some nerd glasses (worn ironically, of course!).