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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Golden Globes!

Its award season!!  Here are my thoughts on the fashion at the Golden Globes tonight....

My faves include Evan Rachel Wood - she always has a vintage vibe about her that I appreciate.

I always love Kate Winslet - this isn't my fave look she's ever done, but again I like the vintage vibe.

Loved Laura Dern's green dress - wish I could find a full length pic of it!  

Love Emma Stone!

Tilda Swinton is always the wild card.... sometimes she looks like a hot mess, sometimes she looks like a dude, sometimes she looks fierce.  Tonight she's looking fierce.

I didn't love Angelina's dress but I did love that for once she didn't wear black, gray or tan!  Yay Angie! Now gain a couple pounds - you look like a skeleton my dear.

One thing I saw wayyy too much of this year at the Globes - the mermaid silhouette - ok, yeah, it gives you an hourglass shape, but sweet Jesus they were everywhere!  Here are just a few:

I still haven't figured out why Elle McPherson was there...

I want to look like Dame Helen Mirren when I'm 70 something.  She is faboosh.

Oh Tina Fey - not your dress, but kudos for not wearing black for once.

Kate Beckinsale in a mermaid train - shocking.

Kelly, you've been doing so well at the award shows.. why?? (and I don't even care that your hair is gray - what is up with the dress?)

And finally - Madonna - wtf?  The glove was Michael's - leave it alone.

*Photos courtesy of people.com.

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