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Monday, September 10, 2012

What year is it?

I started re-watching Mad Men this weekend because Lucas literally worked 14 hours each day - I had nothing else to do (other than some shopping and cleaning).  I started over with Season 1 which takes place in 1960.   At the same time I started reviewing Mad Men, my friend on Facebook, Dollie, posted this question:  why are YOU happy it is not actually the 1950s? I know we are all happy to take the good from the 50s (style, class, quality), but what are you happy with leaving in the past? I would love to get some insight from other vintage ladies on their take on the feminist movement.

The only things I love from the 50's are the fashions (well most of them), the music, and the cars - things were pretty to look at.  The attitudes of the time were not pretty.   I see all the political hoohaa on the tv today and think to myself "How far have we really come in 70 years?" - we still have racism, we still have sexism, we do not have equality for all, and women are still expected (for the most part) to not only be full time housewives but also work a full time job. I think the biggest stride we as women have made is choice.  We can choose if we want to get married.  We can choose if we want to have children.  We can choose birth control.  We can choose abortion.  We can choose to work.   We have choices.  And without sounding too political, I hope we can continue to have those choices or we might as well go back to square one.*   

Secondly, I'm happy that women have made strides in the work place (although some women are still fighting for equality).  I can laugh out loud now at Mad Men when one of the secretaries remarks to another "The men who designed this (typewriter) made sure it was simple enough for a woman to use" but I think to myself "MY GOD THINGS WERE ACTUALLY LIKE THAT!"  I can't even wrap my head around hearing the nurses I work with talk about doctors with their cigarettes and ash trays on their carts while rounding 30 years ago, much less the thought of people drinking at work and men being able to more or less grope their secretaries and no one thought twice about it.   To be a fly on the wall.... (and yes I realize that it wasn't like that in EVERY work place).  

So what are you happy leaving in the past?  Acid wash jeans? Mullets? Polyester suits?  :-)

*I'm not here to argue with anyone about what THEY believe in - we are lucky to live in a county where we can believe in anything. What I'm saying is everyone should have the ability to make a choice and unfortunately there are people, "leaders" in this country, who want to take the ability to choose away from people.  I don't agree with that.  I don't feel that government leaders who don't know me from Adam should have the ability to tell me what is best for me and my situation, or anyone's situation for that matter.  /Off the soap box.

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