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Sunday, September 23, 2012


The first show of the awards season was tonight!  I've made my list of best and worst dressed and I'll be honest - I'm finding it difficult to find dresses that wow'd me.  Ok, onto the clothes....

My Best, but none of them really blew me away, List:

Tina Fey - I picked Tina because she's not wearing black, navy blue or dark purple.   Not a huge fan of the brocade on the top but it'll do.  It fits her nicely.  Suits her figure.  Hair is good.

Hayden Panettiere - it's different.  I like it.  I like the color combo.  I feel like she should have more make up on - the Emmys is the place to do it up.

The "On the Fence" list:

Jane Levy - I love her show Suburgatory.   I don't love this dress - actually - cut off the sleeves and its perfect.   The sleeves age her.  Color is perfect!

Kat Dennings - this color is amazeballs on her... but the boobs... gah, someone should have fit it better to her chest (aka larger cup sizes) and it would have been perfect.  Love the hair and the red lip.

Julianne Moore - bravo for wearing a different color.  It looks great with her hair color and complexion.  I like it better in the picture than on TV - on TV it looked NEON.  

Christina Hendricks - I love her.  I again wish she would have held down the girls - although compared to previous years they are pretty under control haha. What's with the boobs tonight people!?   This dress is Christian Siriano - I love him!  He did a nice job designing this for her - it shows off her curves.   I like the belt.  I'm not sure I love the color... she would look so amazing in jewel tones yet she tends to wear black or nude colors.  

Now my Worst Dressed List:

I don't know who this chick is - other than she's on a show on HBO - but who cares about that - wtf is she wearing?

Zooey Deschanel - oh Zooey I heart you but I don't heart your dress.  On TV it looked like your boobs were about to fall out.   And the skirt is a mess.  You're still cute though.

Claire Danes - she usually hits it out of the park - not tonight.  Just because you're preggers doesn't mean you have to wear a sack.  The hubby looks good though - let's just look at him.

Kristen Wiig - oh look she's wearing a nude/tan colored dress.  SHOCKER.  Sorry, it looks like a nightgown. 

Michelle Dockery - aka Mary from Downton Abbey.  Sigh.  Where do I start? It looks like someone from the first week of Project Runway made this mess.  Satin wrinkles too much so the front looks a mess.  The top is weirdly fitted.  It looks something something she made herself.  No bueno. 

Glenn Close - I have no words...

Who were on your best and worst dressed list?


  1. HOLD THE PHONE. I just read on GFY that Lady Mary's home-ec project dress is Louis Freaking Vuitton. Also, the close-up posts make it look even more half-finished.

    Hayden's dress was FABOOSH. I think I might have liked it even better without all the trailing scarf bits, but the sheer blue over the gold is smashing.

  2. I know - I almost hit the floor when I read Mary's dress was LV. I mean wow - you and I could make a dress that looks about that good lol. I did read one thing about Hayden's dress on T.Lo - it would look better on someone 6 feet tall like Stacy Kiebler - I would agree with that but the colors are still awesome.

  3. That chick from HBO that you know nothing about is a brilliant 25 year old writer/creator/actress. Her show Girls on HBO is amazing. While I like the idea of looking at women all dressed up & beautiful, I think it's a bit ridiculous that anyone has to spend nearly $10,000 between hair, makeup, wardrobe to accept or not accept an award for their accomplishments: Followed by judgments from strangers like us. All that money they spend on the red carpet to impress people could go to third world countries.

  4. Wow Meaghan. Clearly you know about freedom of speech so if I want to hate on someone's dress I can. Much like you can hate on me for hating on it. I hope you understand red carpet reviews are in fun and shouldn't be taken so seriously.