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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Road Trip!

Lucas and I are hitting the road before the sun comes up to head to Colorado!  Don't try robbing the house either - I have a house sitter.  :-)

Lucas' aunt lives in Littleton so we'll be saying with her.  We have plans to stay at night at the Stanley Hotel - that's the hotel from The Shining for those of you who don't know.   I'll be ghost hunting Thursday night!  Stay tuned to Facebook and the blog for updates!  One of my friends at work already made me a crucifix to protect me from the paranormal.  :-)

We'll also be hitting up Fort Collins to tour a brewery and drink some Fat Tire beer fresh out of the - what do you keep freshly brewed beer in?  Anyway, that will be awesome.

We're going to meet up with my former coworker Rebecca (aka Boo) for a visit too.  Her fiancee' brews his own beer so I'm looking forward to trying that.   I also plan on hitting up a few vintage thrift shops in Denver too.  Flat Spinely (our company's version of Flat Stanley) is also accompanying us.

Anyone have some road trip tips?  I know Nebraska sucks - I've heard from everyone in the world how sucky that state is (sorry if you're from Nebraska lol).

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