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Friday, April 6, 2012


After our uneventful night at the Stanley (boo) we headed north to Fort Collins to the New Belgium brewery.  New Belgium brews most famously Fat Tire beer.   It was a super interesting tour.  Almost 90 min.  Free tour.  Free samples of beer.  Great tour guide.  I would highly recommend it to anyone!  New Belgium is only about 20 years old started back in the basement of a guy's house.  Until Fort Collins figured out he was selling beer out of his basement (apparently that's illegal? lol) so he had to expand.  20 years later they have quite the operation going.  Very eco friendly.  The use alot of renewable energy including wind and solar.   They are also treat the employees really well - after you work there a year you get a custom New Belgium cruiser bike and after 5 years they send you to Belgium for 10 days (and you get paid for going) to see where the founder first learned about brewing Belgian style beer.  Not sure what they do beyond 5 years but how can you top a trip to Belgium?  The employees also own 41% of the company through profit sharing and they get to drink (responsibly) during work.  :-)

Custom cruisers

Chandeliers made of beer cans.

How do you like the decor?  Discoballs and (recycled) mosaics on the floor. 

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