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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Geocaching Fun

We decided to enjoy the one nice day we've had (and looks like we will be having) by going geocaching right by the house.  We leashed up Chuck and 2 hours later we found 2 treasures and failed to find the 3rd.  

The first geocache was pretty easy to find - it was on the edge of the pond in Northwoods Park.  The 2nd one was definitely the most fun to find.  You first had to solve clues to get the coordinates.    Finally after hiking all over and out into the middle of what would normally be a swamp if it wasn't so dry Lucas found it!

The loot:

And then we looked to see in 2008 Lucas' friend Nate found it!

We signed the log and moved on to the 3rd geocache.

We never did find the 3rd one!  We aren't giving up.  We will go back again to see if we can find another day.  ;-)

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