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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Sunday Funday!  What a busy, fun weekend!

Friday night Lucas and I went to a wedding reception for his cousins.  They were married over the winter in Costa Rica.  This is what I wore:

Saturday started off a little rough.  I was on the elliptical and Lucas was mowing and the dogs were going in between the house and outside.  I went upstairs to get some water and there was blood on the kitchen floor - I turned to the dogs and said "Who's bleeding?"   Vinci was the winner.  He had caught his toenail somehow and it was hanging by a thread.  I called the vet and they said to bring him down - luckily they're open until 1 and I called them at 1130.   Love them!  If you ever need a vet Uptown Vet is amazing.  Love their staff and Dr. Julie.  So $100, 2 meds, and one less toenail later Vinci was good to go.  Here he is with his little club bandaged foot:

Saturday night was Lucas' first art show (since college)!  It was a great show.  Super busy, lots of hipsters, lots of networking to be done.  Sadly Lucas didn't sell anything (actually not many of the artists did sell anything) but I think everyone got tons of great exposure and all the work was so nice and creative.  

Here I am sitting on his bench (photo from Julie):

A montage of photos - upper left: outside looking in; upper right: Lucas talking to Grandma about his bench; bottom: Lucas' credenza in the back.

Lucas' friend and coworker Garret made some really cool chairs - here we are sitting in them (photos by Julie):

I can't even imagine how long it took Garret to get all that string on them!  He made 2 variations of these chairs and a stool all using string.   I thought they looked so cool.

Here are some close up pics of Lucas' pieces:

The credenza - made with ash with a water based grayish stain; steel plates on the front panels and recycled pulls - I love the pulls.

The bench - made with oak stained black; the top is fiberglass and the little compartment on top could be used for your keys, remotes, etc.  People really loved this piece at the show and kept touching the top.  Its smooth like buttah!

And lastly, since the space where the show was use to be a bar, each artist made a bar stool to go around the bar.   This is Lucas' bar stool - 2 tone stained ash with a swivel top covered in leather.  

Everything is still for sale!  Tell your friends.  :-)  Thank you to everyone who came downtown to support Lucas!  We appreciate you all.

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