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Monday, August 13, 2012

Trader Joe's!

You all know my love for Trader Joe's - I thought I'd share with you some of our favorite things.

First - the fruit.  They have amazing fruit - it tastes awesome and the prices are great.  They carry organic fruit at fair prices too.  And they sell fruit by the piece not the pound.

Dr. Praeger's veggie burgers - these are great.  Some veggie burgers I can't get down and these I love.

The Mandarin Chicken - not healthy whatsoever, but its gooooooood.  All you have to do is reheat it in a pan with some olive oil and stir in the orange sauce.  I serve it over jasmine rice.  

We love these things too!  They aren't super healthy either, but they're good for a quick bite to eat.  We usually eat the Mandarin Chicken and Chicken Tacos as treat meals.  :-)

Fat Free Feta - I use this for salads and pasta.  Delicious.  

Coconut Milk - we don't even drink regular milk here anymore.  I use coconut milk in my cooking and smoothies and cereal.  

Lucas loves this Grapefruit soda - his favorite thing is mixing it with rum.

Trader Joe's has awesome fresh salsa - we dip our mini chicken tacos in this.  

I've blogged about my love for coconut oil before - whether its for cooking or a beauty regime, its awesome!

Flax Seeds - these things are great for essential oils.  I put them in the breakfast muffins I make, in salads, on tacos, etc.  

Those are a few of my favorite Trader Joe's things.  I'll do another post when the fall things come in.  They have some yummy seasonal products too!

One more thing - my friend Amanda posted this tip on Facebook:

TIP of the Month: don't waste your time husking sweetcorn and boiling water to cook- simply take the piece of corn (still in husk) and place in microwave for 4 minutes/husk (8 mins for 2, etc) take out when done with oven MIT and let stand 2 minutes. Cut off the bottom and shake/squeeze corn out! Perfectly cooked and ready to eat!

It worked!  Never boiling corn again.  Vinci approves!

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