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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oscar Red Carpet

Let's get right to it.

Here's who I loved:

Ellie Kemper (who's she?  She's on The Office).  Love the dress.  Love the hair.  Its a little weird that they match but it works.

My girl Emma Stone - love it.  I'm not generally a fan of bows around your neck but I like this.  The color looks fantastic too.

 Milla Jovovich - love the red lips and the retro hair and the white structured dress.  Everything works.

Kelly Osbourne - she's killing me with the hair - it clashes big time with her dress... but I like the dress so I'll not look at her from the neck up.

Gwyneth - killin' it.

Jane Seymour - once I got past the "what the hell is she doing at the Oscars" moment, I thought "Damn she looks good for 61 years old" - go Dr. Quinn.

These fall in the "I can't decide if I like these or not but something makes me keep looking at them" dresses.

Michelle Williams.  I'm on the fence.  I think I like it...  Its very Michelle Williams with a retro twist.

Natalie Portman - I can't decide on this one...  the dress seems too casual (its the polka dots) and I hate that necklace with the dress.

Tina Fey - this doesn't photograph well - its actually a dark purple.  I love the shape on her.  Wish she'd wear more color.

Angelina - I need to see more pics before I can make a final ruling....  I think I like it.  And her hair and make up look fab.

Nancy O'Dell - I like that she's done something different than she always does (aka I'm going to prom).  I like that its different that most dresses you see on the red carpet.

 Jessica Chastain (from The Help) - some of the fashion peeps were going gaga over this dress.  I think its too harsh for her.  

And the dresses I don't like at all....

Missi Pyle - there is just too much going on here - the weird shoulder thing, the draping, the prom hair, the prom necklace.  I like the color.  That's about it.

Oh Stacy Kiebler - just because you're at the Oscars doesn't mean you should dress like him (unless your Meryl Streep).  George looks fabby though.

Rooney Mara - this does nothing for the girls... if it weren't for that detail I would like it.  The color is great for her skin/hair.

Kristen Wiig - sweet baby Jesus would it kill you to wear some COLOR?

Mrs. Colin Firth - new meaning of the phrase "crumb catcher".....

Ok, let the show begin!

*Photos courtesy of www.people.com*


  1. 1. I think hacking off that neck bow would make Emma's dress about perfect.

    2. I was just thinking that Michelle's dress was very much her usual vintage style with a refreshing modern twist (not to mention a color)!

    3. Why the effect is Gwyneth wearing a cape?? The GFY girls are going to have a field day with that one.

    I apparently have opinions. Might have to do my own reviews :)

    1. Gwynnie said on the red carpet that the cape comes off - apparently its chilly at 60 degrees in LA. :)