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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 25

Day 25 — Your beauty regime.

Ok this may sound like a lot but it only takes me about 15 min.

Start with face primer, followed my foundation and concealer.  Top with loose powder. Eye primer on the lids followed my eye shadow - for every day I usually do a creamy/nude color all over with a light brown in the crease of my eye.   You can see here what colors I use most in my favorite palette ever - Naked by Urban Decay.

Then I do either liquid eyeliner, gel liner (I started using gel liner from E.L.F - its like $1 or maybe its $2 - either way I like it and its cheap!) or eye pencil depending on what look I'm going for.  Mascara (top lashes only).  Fill in the brows (they're blonde, my hair currently is not).  Chapstick topped with lipstick.  Touch up with powder if needed.  Pretty simple.  :)

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