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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Birthday Week Begins

So today is my last day in my 20's.  Don't worry - I'm not having a crisis.  Everyone I know over the age of 30 tells me their 30's are wayyyy better than their 20's.   I welcome my 30's!

What did I accomplish in my 20's?
* Graduated college
* Moved to Minneapolis
* Got married
* Had 4 canine children
* Bought a house
* Traveled to Hawaii, New Orleans, San Diego, Lake Tahoe, and Denver
* Lost 80 lbs

What do I want to accomplish in my 30's?
* Sell our house
*Simplify our life (smaller house, live closer to work, have less "stuff")
* Travel to Europe (my friends are waiting!)
*Support Lucas in his dream to have his own custom furniture shop
*Slow down and enjoy my 30's

I started off the birthday week of festivities on Friday - my coworkers trashed - I mean decorated - my cubicle and we shared treats.  Then we headed to Rochester.  My parents (and extended family) threw me a party.  I got gift cards, a Nook (that I have to figure out how to use), and a new watch.  Here are a few pics:

My cousin made these little bibs for the pups.

The cake

My new watch from mom and dad.

Tomorrow on my actual birthday I had planned to drop Chuck off at the vet for her teeth cleaning and then run a few errands.  Lucas surprised me by taking the day off too so we're going to drop Chuck off at the vet and have breakfast at The Lowry.  Then we'll go run my quick errands and maybe do a little shopping before we pick up Chuck with her sparkly teeth.  :)

Stay tuned for posts this week including a birthday dinner at Trevail on Tuesday, another birthday party Saturday and a Mad Men party on Sunday at Jax Cafe in NE.  I took next Monday off to recover.  :)

And I forgot to mention one of the great gifts from this weekend - the weather!  80's in MN in March?  Whoa.  

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